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About Jeanine Graykowski

Jeanine GraykowskiCOMMUNITY

• 29 years - Creator and Manager of HOPE Day: Working with the homeless
• 29 Years - Creator and Manager of Basket Brigade: Feeding families with children
• Provides local health classes for community
• Teaches chair yoga to local retirement communities


• VIP Woman of the Year - National Association of Professional Woman - 2014-15
• Perfect Health Practitioner - Certified by Dr. Deepak Chopra
• Certified in Neuro Associative Conditioning Technique
• Neuro Linguistic Programming
• Business Person of the Year - Carmichael, CA
• Member of California Small Business Management
• Member of Carmichael Chamber of Commerce
• Member of National Association of Professional Woman


• Ayurveda Perfect Health Certification Seminars
• Journey Into Healing
• Yoga Instructors Training
• Experts Academy
• High Performance Academy
• World's Greatest Speaker Training
• Marketing Impact Academy
• Corporate Skelton Key
• HJ Ross Insurance Seminars
• Workers Comp Seminars
• Tony Robbins Certification Program
• Mark Victor Hansen Success Seminars
• Unleash the Power Within Trainer
• Life Mastery Trainer (Anthony Robbins)
• Financial Mastery Trainer (Anthony Robbins)
• California State Employers Training


• Chopra Certified Instructor
• Member of Chiropractic USA
• C.O.R.E Sacramento
• Member of the True Wellness Team
• Working with Better Brain Blueprint


• Ayurveda Practitioner and Founder of Creating Perfect Health
• Co-owner and Office Manager of Chiropractic USA for 30 years
• Certified Perfect Health Instructor. Certified by Dr. Deepak Chopra
• True Wellness Team Trainer
• Chiropractic Product Developer: More than 25 chiropractic products including educational materials, dvd, audio, video, training manuals, posters, marketing, office decor
• In-Office Chiropractic Evaluations
• ROP: Chiropractic Assistant Board Member and Instructor more than 18 years
• Chiropractic Coach for Dr. CJ Mertz: Waiting List Practice 10 years
• Chiropractic Assistant Trainer: Legends in Leadership for 3 years
• Co-produced CA Training Course with Mark Victor Hansen
• Chiropractic Assistant Trainer for Dr. Charles Ward: Ward Management for 2 years
• Chiropractic Assistant University Mastery Program Developer and Head Coach of JP Gray innovations.
• Certified more than 500 Advanced Chiropractic Assistants
• Developer and Trainer of Chiropractic Management Program
• Advanced CA Trainer at each Centennial Chiropractic Celebration
• Advanced Chiropractic Assistant Trainer for California Chiropractic Association
• Founder of JPGray Innovations: Business Coach and Innovator
Chopra Center Certified Instructor