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Change Your Life Through Wellness Workshops

I know that our daily activities, responsibilities, musts, and life's roles, can take us off our natural course and purpose. Our programs are designed to give you some simple solutions to help navigate our busy lives. Develop self-care resources and healthy habits to live a healthy, happy and harmonious life. Achieve and sustain your goals through small, consistent lifestyle changes combined with structure, support and accountability. Simplify your life and enhance your overall health and wellbeing. When our bodies and minds are in balance we can make the nourishing choices, achieve healing, and experience the changes we seek.

Ayurveda Offers

• Classes that simplify our lives and enhance and strengthen our body. These classes give an opportunity to replace unhealthy habits with vitalistic ones.
• Customized Wellness Plans of Action
• Individualized Evaluations
• Webinars
• Wellness Videos
• Articles enhancing your overall health and wellbeing
• Wellness Camps

Finding Your Ideal Healthy LifestyleIn everyday life, it may be difficult to find and maintain a healthy lifestyle plan that works for you. Through the personal health development programs offered by Creating Perfect Health in Carmichael, California, you will discover exactly that. Following an analysis of your current lifestyle, and through multiple tactics and techniques, we will develop a program that allows you to take charge of your wellness.

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About Us

At Creating Perfect Health, in Carmichael, California, we utilize the knowledge of an Ayurvedic practitioner to conduct well-being workshops for clients. Our practitioner has facilitated workshops and camps in personal health development around the world, and is certified as a perfect health instructor by the world-renowned Dr. Deepak Chopra. Our team of professionals are on the cutting edge of the industry's developments, and act as a community to help clients make positive and lasting changes. For more than 30 years, we have been working with all manner of clients, helping to improve their lives.

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